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Keep Your Car In Tip Top Shape

For your car to work properly, it needs its engine to run smoothly. For your engine to run smoothly, it needs to have good oil. The only way to ensure that the levels are good is to change it regularly – at least once every.

Ergo, having your oil regularly serviced = cars that run smoothly

Ok it’s actually not that simple, but you understand where we’re going. Having your vehicle serviced regularly is not just good for your car’s health, it’s also gives you peace of mind because the effect of not getting your car repaired are wide and far reaching.


American Import Auto’s Oil Change Service

We don’t just change your fluids, we offer a complete maintenance service. Our certified technicians will inspect your car for leaks, change your vehicle’s oil, ensure that other fluids are up to gauge and replace the oil filter during every maintenance service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know About Changing your oil

Why do I need to change my engine oil?

Constant oil change basically protects your car from the effects of wear and tear by:

  • Protecting your engines against corrosion, rust and wear
  • Preventing your engine from over working itself by protecting it from debris and dirt.

How often should I get my oil changed?

It varies from vehicle to vehicle but you can get the recommended time interval from your car’s owner’s manual. 

What is Synthetic oil?

These are made from synthetic-based stocks or petroleum. Synthetic is made to protect the engine against future deposits, heat, friction and other engine stresses.

What are Conventional oils?

These are also made from petroleum base stocks. However, unlike synthetic oil, it thickens when the temperature is low and becomes less solid when the temperature is high.

What is a High-mileage oil change? 

This is a process whereby petroleum or synthetic based oils are merged with ingredients meant for maintaining older engines and used on newer engines. These ingredients include; friction additives, detergents, seal wells, conditioners, and antioxidants. Why Should I Work With You? 

We do more than just change your motor oil, our service includes:

    • Change your fluids with your choice of lubricant
    • Tire pressure check
    • Undercarriage inspection
    • Oil filter replacement
    • Lubrication of all fittings
    • Topping and filling of all fluids
    • Engine inspection for leaks
    • Complete hose and belt inspection
    • Air filter check

    Get Your Oil Changed By Venice Oil Change Experts

    No matter the make or model of your car, our team is fully capable and qualified to help with your oil change and overall vehicle inspection – at very competitive prices too! Contact us today.